Geo-mentorship Programme

Message from the Geomentorship Programme Director, Winnie SHIU

In an endeavour to further promoting the geographic information system (GIS) technology and to reach out this technology to a wider participation in the community, as a first step, the Association is launching a Geomentorship Programme pilot project by the end of this year.  The target group for this pilot project is the primary/secondary school students and the aim is to enlighten them with the concept of GIS and how it can be applied in their studies and extra-curriculum activities, particularly those relating to Geography. 


The teaching approach is to train the teachers to train the teachers. Therefore, firstly, a group of GIS expertise, who will be the mentors are to be equipped with the training tools and skills to train the teachers in the schools, and then these school teachers will train their students in using GIS in their various studies, with the expert advice from this Association.


Schools having an interest in participating in the GIS are welcome to contact the Association.  We will firstly to introduce to the teachers the concept of GIS, its possible applications and success stories amongst other schools.  Then these teachers will be trained by our mentors, and depending on the progress made and interest shown, the mentors will assist in the development of applications of these teachers’ and students’ choice.


The results of this project will be assessed for planning the way forward for the introduction of GIS in the schools, such as, the mentorship arrangement, resource requirement, and teachers/students feedback.

Schools who wish to join the Geo-mentorship Programme shall be the Academic Member of the Association