Message from the President

The year of 2015 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association (HKGISA). Since its inception, the Association has made unceasing efforts to promote GIS research and application in Hong Kong. The past two decades have witnessed our remarkable achievements in advancing the use of GIS technology in various sectors, providing impetus to the sustainable growth of the Hong Kong’s economy.


Accompanying these developments is the rising recognition by the community of the Association’s status and contributions.  Here, I wish to express gratitude to our past executive committee members for their dedication and leadership, without which the Association would not have flourished. It is noteworthy that the Association has been very successful in forging link and close collaboration with its counterparts in Asia and the Greater China Region including the Mainland|, Taiwan, and Macau. To increase public visibility, the Association plans to launch new initiatives in the coming two years, such as free GIS training to students in collaboration with the secondary and primary schools, and the Asian GIS Conference 2017 for the purpose of providing a platform for the GIS academics and practitioners to exchange views and ideas.  


Pressing forward, the Association will grow from strength to strength and will work ardently to promote the GIS industry and provide support to the GIS community.


Dr. Kenneth Tang


Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association