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Message from the President

It is my great honour and pleasure to be the 15th President of the Association and also poses a great challenge for me to fulfill its objectives to promote the interest in and the advancement of geographic information system in Hong Kong. 

We have witnessed tremendous development in the field of GIS over the past twenty years, namely: the emergence of sophisticated and powerful technology, both hardware and software; the availability of huge volume and variety of geospatial information, and the growing number of enthusiastic users.  On one hand we are so pleased with the benefits of GIS has brought to us, but on the other hand we should not feel complacent with what we have now accomplished.  There is plenty of room for advancement in and further benefits to be reaped from GIS for the community as a whole. 

Whilst we appreciate the vast development of GIS technology, we should take note of the fast development of allied technology, in geospatial data collection and 3D modelling, for example, the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Laser Scanning System, and Mobile Mapping System, for capturing large variety and quantity of geospatial data and the integration of GIS with other modelling systems such as BIM.  As the use of GIS is becoming widely recognised, more GIS practitioners will have to be trained and equipped to master this technology for its efficient and effective applications in various areas.

From the positive feedback of the GIS Geo-mentorship pilot programme, which was launched in 2015 for two years in an international and a local secondary schools, there is clear indication that GIS training in the secondary school curriculum is a viable start and indeed will help with the teaching in some subjects. This initiative will require the policy support from the education authority, the participation of the education entities, and also the availability of mentors. 

The challenges in front are enormous but I am confident that with your overwhelming support we will play a vital role in the development of GIS for the greater benefits of the community of Hong Kong.

Jianfeng LI


Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association