20. The Hon. Secretary shall give at least ten days' notice for all General Meetings, to all members residing in Hong Kong. Such notice shall state the agenda and specify day, time and place of meeting.

21. Business on which a vote is to be taken shall be fully itemised on the agenda sent out with the notice of the meeting.

22. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be the President, three other Officers of the Executive Committee and either ten members or one fifth of the Membership of the Association, whichever is the smaller. If a quorum cannot be found at the first convocation, the meeting shall be adjourned for thirty minutes from the appointed time, after which any number of the Members present shall constitute the quorum.

23. A similar quorum shall be required at any other general meeting for any business requiring a vote; but nothing shall debar a smaller number of members meeting to discuss any matters which do not require a decision of the Association.

24. The Hon. Secretary shall enter minutes of all meetings in a book kept for the purpose which shall, after confirmation, be signed by the President at the following meeting, except for Extraordinary General Meeting. Minutes of any Extraordinary General Meetings shall be read at the following Annual General Meeting.

25. Sub committee or study groups may be established from time to time either by the Association or by the Executive Committee. These shall have such membership and terms of reference as may seem appropriate.

26. At all meetings motions shall be passed into resolutions by a majority of Members present.

27. In case the President and the Vice President are both absent from any meeting, those Executive Committee members present shall elect among themselves an interim chairman to preside over that meeting.

28. In case of an equivalence of vote, the President or the Vice President or the interim President presiding over the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.