Officers and Executive Committee

4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and the Immediate Past President.

5. The Officers of the Executive Committee shall be nominated and seconded only with the consent of the nominee. Nomination form shall be sent to all Full Members at the same time of the notice of the Annual General Meeting. Election shall take place at the Annual General Meeting by a show of hands.

6. All officers of the Executive Committee shall hold office for two years from the time of election.

7. No officer of the Executive Committee shall be permitted to continue to be in office for more than three consecutive terms.

8. No meeting of the Executive Committee shall be valid unless the President, or the Vice President, or the Hon. Secretary is present together with no less than three other officers of the Executive Committee.

9. In the event of an Officer of the Executive Committee being temporarily unable to perform his duties, a substitute who shall have full voting rights may be elected in similar manner at any General Meeting. Pending the holding of such a General Meeting the Executive Committee shall be empowered to co opt a substitute.

10. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co opt not more than two members for an individual committee meeting.

11. All members of the Executive Committee shall be notified at least ten days prior to the holding of any committee meeting.